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Atelierul de Jaluzele offers you a wide range of blinds day & night (zebra)

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Rolete day & night

Rolete day & night – the most effective shading solution for the whole day. They protect you from blinding light during the entire period when there is a strong light outside. Day and night blinds are very efficient and modern. They will create privacy and decorate the interior of your home, making it a very pleasant space.

Rolete day & night are also called “ZEBRA” type because they are made of textile material in two colors. They can have a different degree of transparency and are alternatively arranged horizontally. Adjusting the light in the room is done by operating the string/chain, and the textile materials will overlap one another, adjusting the light intensity in the room.

Maintenance of blinds day & night is achieved by vacuuming the dust and with a wet cloth they will be cleaned efficiently.

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