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Curtains and drapes

To add delicacy, character and dimension to your window, we recommend using different textures and patterns in curtains and drapes. Thus, the window becomes the focal point of the room. If you want to bring more vitality to a neutral living room, choose curtains and drapes with stripes or floral patterns. For a luxurious atmosphere, you can spoil the bedroom with special curtains and drapes.

Sophisticated fabrics in harmony with bold and contemporary colors create our trend deco collection. Whether you want to create a unique decoration, through the harmonious combination of curtains and drapes, or combine them with pleated blinds, these elements bring new life to your home.

Under the deco trend brand, we promote high-quality products, such as curtains and drapes with elegant finishes, decorative pillows that add warmth and finesse to your home, aprons for tables decorated with good taste and perfect harmony.

Enhance the room with decorative pillows matching the curtains. depending on the textile, the pillows can inspire exoticism, naturalness or luxury.
Rich colors create warmth, while cool colors refresh the room.
Easy to change depending on the season, the advantage of decorative pillows is that they represent a affordable way to put a final touch on the design of the house, or to change it completely.

Decorative Pillows


The table will be more elegant, highlighting the cheerfulness and completing the ambience you want to create.
Whether they are plain or with prints, aprons are the perfect accessory for a perfect table.
These are real cloths by artist, creating a perfect foundation for the presentation of a table. They frame the whole space and make the event of a lunch or a dinner more sophisticated.

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