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Transparent PVC rolls

Transparent PVC rolls – they are the simplest and most effective solutions for closing terraces, arranging gazebos or even balconies. The transparent PVC rolls can be operated mechanically (manually) with the help of a crank or they can be operated with the help of a motor.
The transparent PVC film is special, it is heat-welded with a lifting band on the contour and has an anti-UV layer applied (ultraviolet) which helps it last over time without cracking or breaking.
Transparent PVC blinds are composed of five elements:

  • clamping supports;
  • transparent PVC foil;
  • the crank mechanism or the engine;
  • the drum on which the transparent film is rolled;
  • counterweights.

The PVC roll, once lowered, is anchored to the base with hooks, after which the system is stretched/tensioned with the help of the mechanical or optional electric mechanism. In this way, the sheet stays stretched and resists the wind brilliantly and will protect you from rain or snow.

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