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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds – Vertical blinds are one of the most effective shading systems for both offices and homes.

They are the most efficient shading systems for the interior, as they can be manufactured/realized on 4 actuation systems, so that you have the possibility to let in exactly the amount of light you want.

Textile Collection

Vertical blinds can be made on 4 systems:
– normal operation (image 1);
– reverse operation (image 2);
– central operation (image 3);
– operation central-reverse (image 4);

Normal actuation: it is done when the opening cord is actuated. The blades of the vertical blind will tighten towards the actuation system, depending on the positioning of the blind. The system can be installed on both sides, left or right.

Reverse actuation: when the opening cord is actuated, the canvases will tighten on the opposite side of the shutter actuation system. The actuation system can be installed on either side, left or right.

Central actuation: when the opening cord is actuated, the blinds will fold from the middle towards its extremities. An equal number of sheets will be folded to the left and to the right.

Central-reverse actuation: when actuating the opening cord of the blind, all the canvases will fold towards its center. On the left and on the right, the number of canvases will be equal.

The blinds workshop offers you a wide range of horizontal aluminum blinds. These are made to order in different colors.

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