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External aluminum rollers

Aluminum exterior roller shutters – Protection and style for your windows
Aluminum exterior roller shutters are an ideal solution to provide your windows with durable protection and an elegant appearance. Made entirely of high-quality aluminum, they are mounted on the outside of the windows and have a special box in which the roller slats are rolled. 
The slats of the external aluminum roller blinds are available in different sizes and colors, and are filled with polyurethane foam to provide thermal and sound insulation. To ensure comfort and hygiene in the home, the roller blinds can be equipped with anti-insect nets, which prevent insects and dust from entering the interior.
The actuation of the external aluminum rollers can be done manually or electrically. The manual drive option involves the use of a band, string, spring, winch or crank. In the case of electric drive, a motor and a remote control or a switch facilitate the operation.
Furthermore, exterior aluminum blinds are available in a variety of colors to perfectly match the design of your home and create a pleasant atmosphere outside.
Discover our range of aluminum roller shutters and enjoy the elegance, functionality and long-term protection they offer. Contact us today for more information and customized solutions for your specific needs.

Aluminum exterior rolls are available in a variety of colors:

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